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It is wonderful to have you come to INTIMACY of LIVING. I would like to help you begin your journey, no matter what age or stage you are at, to make sure that when the end of your life occurs you will have lived your own unique journey and will never suffer THE TOP FIVE REGRETS OF THE DYING

I will explain a bit about me in order to give background to how and why I have become so passionate about supporting people to become Intimately committed to their Living through learning about the only guaranteed thing we will all do – Die.

I have discovered that when we look right to the end, to our ‘use by date’ and consider what we would like the end of our lives to involve and look like, it ultimately encourages us to live the life available between now and then with far greater passion and honesty for ourselves. We no longer agree to waste ‘our precious life’ on things that society and culture would like of us and instead become far more committed to what our heart directs us to do and be. We start honouring our ‘Unique Selves’ (Link to first blog) and allow ourselves to be guided by the higher vision, that lies within. Ironically, if we do this and focus on ourselves, and what we are here for, instead of being self-serving and mean we become less selfish and more compassionate to ourselves and others.

You will also be helping to turn the tide by having the courage to learn about and plan for end of life. Eminent Sydney cardiologist David Celermajer is absolutely clear on this: Here in Australia ‘‘we have one of the best two or three healthcare systems in the world, and with that privilege comes responsibilities’’… “Our fear of dying is sending the country broke”

Collecting The Fruits of Life

“Most Australians, he says, want to die at home yet more than 80 per cent die in hospital. The reason often is fear and panic among families unused to the dying in their midst. ‘‘No one lets anyone die anymore,” he says. “People don’t see death any more … it’s no longer regarded as part of the circle of life.”

I would like to offer you what most people have been sadly taught, is a bitter and unpalatable gift. More often than not, because of fear, those who have come close to discovering this gift have walked away from it just before they were blessed with its reward. Personal experience has shown these gifts are the most life affirming fruits of Life – ‘The Knowledge of Death and Dying’.
On page 10 of the spring 2013 Dialogue Magazine there is an in-depth article about INTIMACY of LIVING and Trypheyna. If you would like to know more please follow this link and go to page 10

I am first and foremost an Artist, with a love of nature and the world, thus spent a number of years working as wildlife artist at Taronga and Western Plains Zoos educating people about the beauty of our earth and its creatures and how at risk they currently are. If you would like to see more of the work I have done please go here (LINK to Trypheyna’s ART PROJECTS)
I so often get asked about the origin of my name so here we go:

TRYPHEYNA is my own unique spelling of the name Tryphena I was given at birth. It has an extra Y in it. My gifted name Tryphena had been passed down through my family over a number of generations stopping back with my great-great grandmother Tryphena Lloyd. (Find tapestry photo of Gratitude needlepoint) My mother decided it was time to resurrect it. The change in spelling came about when I was doing some deeply personal development work trying to make sense of my life I was constantly asking WHY. Realising I needed to go right back to my first moment of arrival on this earth and the first gift I was given, my name, I also understood that it needed it to be balanced in order to work for me. Across the planet is a group of people whose life work is focussed on the power of words and numbers, and their impact on us. Knowing that all in life is based on energy, and sound has a powerful energy, it was important to me to travel under a balanced energy. Interestingly it was the extra Y that brought me that balance and as a friend very interested in anagrams pointed out when you look at the name with the 2 Y’s (Why) taken out it spells Panther. After having lived in Africa and been wildlife artist at Taronga Zoo for 7 years I have an abiding love of the big cats and this was a great gift.

Trypheyna is a mother, grandmother, artist, environmental educator and storyteller who believes ‘the Arts’ are vital for finding creative solutions to ecological, economic, health and social issues.

A few years ago affected by 12 powerful deaths, in quick succession Trypheyna saw the need for a book of people’s stories explaining the surprising benefits when we openly embrace, rather than fear, death. The book also provides very practical support information on the requirements needed by people dealing with death and dying. That book ‘The Intimacy of Death & Dying’ was published by Allen & Unwin and launched at the Byron Bay Writers Festival in August 2009.

Trypheyna sees an important link between our human discomfort with death and the damage inflicted on other creatures and the Earth. Brought up in West Africa, educated in Denmark, England and the West Indies, at 19 she arrived in Australia.

As a community artist she worked with Aboriginal communities, people with disabilities, the young and the old. She loves and values the extraordinary diversity amongst the people of this world. For seven years she was wildlife artist/educator for Taronga & Western Plains Zoos.

She ran an ecological interpretive business consulting to many large organisations, companies and government organisations including National Parks and Wildlife, Sydney Water, Waste Services NSW and a number of Sydney’s Council’s.

An award winning sculptor she has artworks in international venues, including a sculptural interpretation of Australasia for Cadbury Schweppes head office in Singapore. She has a dream of creating an ‘Eco Maze’ on every continent.

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Tasman’s Painting to go into his Father’s Coffin

Tasman Munro talks about spending the day painting and talking about his father with Trypheyna while creating a gift for his father the day after he died, when he was about 8 years old. The painting created was put into his father’s coffin, as his gift to him, just before he was cremated.

“I remember it as being a really powerful process in dealing with my father’s death, especially as a young kid when my powers of communication and understanding were so limited, so to be able to express in a tactile and creative way was really nourishing. It planted a seed for my relationship with my Art now. I understand now as an adult that Art is a lot more than aesthetics, it is about reflecting on the world and is a very powerful tool to reflect on what is happening inside you. It has had a powerful impact in the relationship with my Art making and as Social Designer now it is very much a part of my process.”

Tasman and Trypheyna also spent a lot of time writing cards tied up with ribbons, which were attached to little seedling pots with a plant in them. One of these was handed to each person who attended the funeral. Tasman asked them each to plant this plant in memory of his father so he could keep growing. There is a photo of Tasman and his painting in Trypheyna’s book ‘The Intimacy of Death and Dying’

Tasman, in his work as a designer, has gone on to create some very powerful and useful social design projects that really change people’s lives for the better.

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Depression: Everyday Choice Between Life and Death (Soul Shackles) by Robert Jirda, Trypheyna McShane

“What I’ve learnt about depression is not to go into resistance. It is the resistance that always causes me the most pain, whether I am resisting physically, mentally emotionally financially or spiritually. When I just stay in the flow of what is happening to, and through, me I am able to find gentleness and joy, in being me, all of me.

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